Java Developer

Chennai, IndiaDevelopment

Rule 1 is hiring for a talented Java developer for contributing to our growing portfolio of companies

Job Description

Java Developer

Experience Required

  • At least 3-5 years of experience building services in core Java, algorithms, and open-source frameworks
  • Expertise in leveraging spring framework, hibernate, ORM concepts, and apache frameworks to build a high-performance system
  • Strong understanding of object-oriented design concepts, design patterns, and familiarity with the JVM memory model
  • Experience in writing SQL queries, strong understanding of relational schema design and object model concepts
  • Experience in DTO pattern, build DTO from a database, and understand the performance impacts
  • Experience in defining and utilizing Rest API integration
  • Experience in build tools such as Maven and Cradle
  • Experience in following good SDLC DevOps principles – unit testing, integration testing, high test coverage, source control management, and pipeline integration
  • Experience in working in public cloud environment preferably in AWS
  • Education: Bachelor degree in engineering or Master/Bachelor in Business computer applications

About Rule 1

Rule 1 is a venture studio that designs, funds, and builds B2B SaaS businesses. We are dedicated to co-creating entrepreneur-centric companies. We are a group of smart, ambitious leaders that work together to create opportunities and companies. If you are a team player that’s adroit and anti-fragile, and you have the ability to focus on the mission at hand, join us!

We are an equal opportunity employer.

How to Apply

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