Product Engineer

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A “dual role” combining the knowledge of Business Analyst/Project Manager with a quality mindset; ensuring the product complies with the consumer’s expectations.

Job Description

A Product Engineer is a “dual role” that combines the knowledge of different positions: Business Analyst/Project Manager with Quality Mindset. This is a person that is familiar and makes sure that the product complies with the consumer’s expectations.
The responsibilities of the Product Engineer involve identifying the needs and interests of the Market/Users and creating a working prototype in accordance within a short development cycle. In a start-up like our organization, this process will be iterative. Ability to work with the development team, to build a prototype that can be used for showcasing the overall vision and iteratively make it more robust based on feedback is the key.
Excellent communication skills are a key factor for Product Engineers in order to have access to all the information they need.
Product Engineers will participate in various parts of the product development cycle, and their essential concern is not the development process but its end goal -“deliver the product that customers will love”. An Example to illustrate this key point is Product Engineers need to know the domain model of an application, but it really does not matter whether the actual DB is in postgres/mongo or oracle.
Product Development Cycle involves the following stages: Plan (Idea and Concept), Design and Development, Testing, Launch, and Maintenance. As mentioned before, the Product Engineer will be included in the product development at a very early stage and contribute to every phase of it to confirm the product is more customer-oriented.
Overall, The Product Engineers of Rule1 will work closely with our CEO’s/Sales/Engineers, QA’s and Marketing to define/implement and enhance the specifics of the product on
  • Functionality
  • Usability
  • Quality
  • Acceptability
  • Stability
  • Iterability based on feedbacks

Experience Required

  1. Computer Science (MCA/M.SC/BE ) any degree is preferable.
  2. Technical Background. Ability to understand domain models, Rest API’s, Data formats like JSON/XML/AVRO.
  3. Ability to verify and validate what is being built. This can vary from simple UI screen testing to API testing.
  4. Ability to take a requirement small to complex, split them into smaller manageable user stories, and put them together in a single or multiple releases.
  5. Excellent communication skills.
  6. Ability to perform as a project manager to identify the execution of projects for blockers, timelines, etc, and help the development team to move forward.
  7. Inquisitive and quest to learn.
  8. Startup-Attitude: Not every product is built with 100% requirements definition. Being flexible to define as we go and ability to change the course as identified.

About Rule 1

Rule 1 is a venture studio that designs, funds, and builds B2B SaaS businesses. We are dedicated to co-creating entrepreneur-centric companies. We are a group of smart, ambitious leaders that work together to create opportunities and companies. If you are a team player that’s adroit and anti-fragile, and you have the ability to focus on the mission at hand, join us!

We are an equal opportunity employer.

How to Apply

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