The capital & team to build your dream.

We design, fund, and build B2B SaaS businesses.

We are dedicated to co-creating entrepreneur-centric companies.

Entrepreneurship is one of life's most challenging and rewarding endeavors.

We empower you in your founder's journey by providing the guidance and resources required to be successful.

R1 is founder focused.



90% of an entrepreneur's time is spent chasing their next round. Free up this time to build your business with friendly funding.



Don't make mistakes that we've already made! Save time and money by properly planning your business and product features.



Put our experience to work. After initial planning, the entrepreneur utilizes Rule 1 expertise to execute with ongoing guidance.



Cutting edge design is a must! With Rule 1, our design team brings cohesive sophistication to every application and product.



Let's face it, building quality software takes time and patience. Rule 1 has an in-house team of highly skilled developers.



Once a product has been developed and tested, we utilize our marketing prowess and networked connections to scale.

Rule 1, a partner founders can trust.

We only succeed when our founders succeed!

Our Partnering Process

We qualify entrepreneurs by their talent, grit, and dedication - not their idea.

Only after identifying an entrepreneur do we evaluate an idea or business.

In as little as 120 days go from an idea to paying customers.


You determine if Rule 1 and its Entrepreneur in Residence model would be a fit for you as an entrepreneur. You learn more about everything that Rule 1 has to offer.

15 days


If you agree that Rule 1 can benefit you in your entrepreneurial journey, we next identify, test, and modify your business or idea to ensure Product-Market fit.

15 days


Once a path forward is determined, we work at a blistering pace, using proven methodologies, to design and build a working prototype while identifying your first customers.

90 days

What is Rule #1?

"Rule #1: Never lose money. Rule #2: Never forget Rule #1."

- Warren Buffet

How Rule 1 is Different

Not all businesses should be backed by traditional venture capital.

Rule 1 is a Venture Studio that is founder-focused and aligned with entrepreneurs.

Rule 1 partners with founders to co-create businesses that scale.

No Artificial Timelines


Traditional VCs often place artificial timelines on a business to facilitate their ROI. Rule 1 will never place unrealistic timelines on your business.

No Mandates


After partnering, we are in full alignment with the business and will never make mandates regarding expenditure, team size, or other artificial goals.



We not only want your team and business to grow, we want to be a part of that team! Rule 1 is 100% founder-focused. We want our entrepreneurs to succeed.

Interested in applying or learning more?

Regardless of where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, we'd love to hear from you. Send a message with some basic information and we'll be in touch shortly.

Rule 1 is a member of the Global Startup Studio Network.